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Communication and Community Manager

Deadline to apply: 31/12/2022

Location: Barcelona (can be done remotely as well)

Estimated working hours: 10h/week (Quarter Time) Required to be registered in Social Security in Spain and able to submit invoice. PLEASE ALSO APPLY IF YOU ARE BASED IN EUROPE BUT ABLE TO SUBMIT INVOICES!

Kudwa is a migrant run organization, working towards an intercultural Collective Identity through building bridges between migrants and locals, promoting active citizenship, initiative, and community, and address barriers to effective integration and inclusion.

The migrant community is at the center of our work, our activities, programs and strategies are informed by the community; our community events include social gathering, conferences, training, and publications.

Kudwa is seeking to hire a communication and community manager to serve as a point of contact for our events and community.

Key Tasks:

  • Set and implement social media and communication campaigns to promote our events, create

  • Handle the logistics and the organization of the community events

  • Follow up with volunteers to ensure their active participation and engagement and organize regular meetings with them

  • Work closely with the Managing Director to create reporting on different events and projects, collect community feedback, send external communication and partnership management

  • Supporting the team to maintain the website up to date and sending out regular newsletters and updates

  • Updating and maintaining contact databases (e.g., CRM database)

  • Drafting different documents (small notes, meeting minutes, etc.) and providing support in fulfilling legal and statutory requirements

  • Set a calendar of events in coordination with Kudwa team

Required skills:


  • Have a migration background or knowledge of the migration context in Spain and EU is essential.

  • Experience launching community initiatives (e.g. building an online content, and writing an email newsletter, event organization)

  • Very good computer skills (Slack, Trello, GDrive, Email, Canva etc)

  • Excellent verbal communication skills, specifically in English

  • Excellent writing skills

  • Hands-on experience with social media management

  • Creative problem solving with and ability to create solutions with little resources


  • Experience working in NGOs and Associations working in Migration is desirable.

  • Spanish and/or Arabic desirable.

What we offer:

Ability to be independent, working remotely, but we are still able to have amazing relationships, and the successful candidate will feel right at home. Flexible working hours as long as the job gets done well.

We will offer all and any training needed to fulfill the tasks required, and we will always grow as the organization grows.

To apply:

Please fill this Job Application Form

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